We Got 50 New Clients In 2 Years From Lawn Care Directory

When CleanCut Land Maintenance out of Baltimore, Maryland joined Lawn Care Directory 2 years ago, owner Steve Kohl had little idea that this tiny investment would change his lawn care business forever. I caught up with Steve and asked him about his experience with Lawn Care Directory.

How long have you been a member of Lawn Care Directory?

Kris, We have been a member of your site for nearly 2 years now.

About how many leads have you received from your listing?

We receive anywhere from 5-10 new leads per week during the peak season. The leads continue even in the slow periods. Customers looking for fall cleanups, leaf removal, amd service for the following year.

"Lawn Care Directory is a huge stepping stone in the equation of your business. "

How many new clients have you gained directly from your listing?

We probably gained 40 - 50 new clients over the past two years, and thats great for a growing company. Kris, let me explain one thing to your new clients. These 40-50 clients are from leads that Lawn Care Directory sent me, but out of these 40 -50 clients there are friends, neighbors, and family of the inital lead. Take pride in your work and it will grow as big as you want it to. Kris and Lawn Care Directory is a huge stepping stone in the equation of your business.

How has your business changed since becoming a member of Lawn Care Directory?

Kris, most advertising for even a small company can be costly in the early stages. Your site has enabled me to get my name out in the public at a minimal cost, and by doing so I have been able to grow at a controlable rate. If I were to advertise with the yellow pages or a news paper my expense would be sky high. The customer leads I receive from your site are top rate customers, and I can't thank you enough.

Describe your experience in starting a lawn care business using our service?

Coming from a retail background, I know cusomer service. In dealing with the public you have to be a people person. Its has been a joy starting my own company, but don't let me fool you it's tough. Trying to find good young hard workers, managing the office, and having time for my family. Even though it's tough I would not change a thing. My company CleanCut Land Maintenance will continue to grow, and with the help of Lawn Care Directory I can always count on top quality customers.


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