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Why do I need a good website? There are few things you can do that have such an impact on all of your marketing. Those you spend money on and even the ones that cost you nothing. A good website will increase your number of estimates with out spending more time and money reaching out to more people. As a kicker, looking more professional also allows you to charge slightly higher prices.

How is different? Not all web design companies are created equal. Most care only about selling you a website and have no interest in its effectiveness and your success. GreyFlames continues to work with you after they have built you a website. They continue to test new ideas and implement them with out you having to do a thing. They are commited to creating a great website and then continue to keep it upto date. The internet changes and your website should evolve with it.

So what is the promotion... If you mention coupon code lcd-100 you can get your website designed and setup for FREE! a $200 savings. And the monthly maintanence fee be only $19 a month... another saving for you.

Check out a sample of their work... Go to and click on the link to see the sample. I am sure you will love it.

~Kris Goodrich
"Your Business Guru"

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