"The Most Complete Lawn Care Business Program Ever Created"

Finally a lawn care business program that teaches you everything you need to know...and literally helps you get new clients.

re you ready to become your own boss and start one of the most profitable professions out there? What if I told you I could show you how to easily start a lawn care business, get new clients immediately and make a great full time living with a lawn business? I am here to tell you that anyone can do it.

My name is Kris Goodrich and together with several other successful lawn care business owners I have come up with the answer to your question, how do you start and run a successful profit making lawn care business?

Simply having a guide to start and run a lawn care business is not enough. Just because someone told you how they run their business doesn't mean yours will be a success. What can you do to ensure that you get enough new clients, maintain a professional business appearance and beat out your competition?

The real trick is in knowing how to get new clients, manage those clients and charging them the right price. It's in knowing how to get your current clients to work for you and help you get new clients. With the help of proven business owners I've developed the ultimate formula that gets unbelievable results. When you use these proven techniques, you'll bid more jobs, win more clients and make giant amounts of money!

"I left a lucrative career as a restaurant manager to give self employment a try. I heard about lawncaredirectory.com and decided to give it a shot. Not only did the site provide me with a detailed business plan and a step-by-step- "how to", but then, I started to receive calls thanks to the website they created for me. And I get a lifetime of hosting for free!!! Can't beat that."

Argus Wiley
Argus Co. Landscaping & Pressure Washing

"Using just one part of your business kit I was able to get 10 new clients in my first month of business. Thanks again for all your help."

  -Loyal Bros Landscaping, AZ

"I have recently started my business up and I have had my business on your website for about a week and have received 3 calls, all which I did get the account, one is in a very rich neighborhood that could lead to alot more accounts. So far I have found your info very interesting and helpful."

Thanks, CB Lawn Care

In order to help you start and thrive with your lawn care business, I've put together an all inclusive lawn care business kit that gives you everything you need to make your lawn care business a giant success.


Lawn Care Business Kit

The Lawn Care Business Kit I've put together gives you everything you need to start, market, and run a successful lawn care or landscaping business.

Included in the business kit:

1. Lawn Business Guide
2. Contracts & Business Forms
3. Job Estimating Calculator
4. Business Website
5. Premium Advertising in the Lawn Care Directory


Lawn Care Business Guide

The Lawn Care Business Guide was written by lawn care business professionals and will teach you how to bid, give you marketing ideas, and many other industry tested techniques to ensure that running a lawn care business makes you giant profits. This information comes straight from successful lawn care business owners.

Whether you are starting a lawn care business, or are a lawn care or landscape professional this guide will give you the advantage you need to run a successful money making business.

Included in our Lawn Care Business Guide:

  • How Much To Charge
    I'll show you how to estimate for big profits. You'll be guaranteed to make more money and win more jobs because you'll know how to estimate the right way. This alone can help you win jobs and make thousands.
  • How to Set Up Insurance For Your Company
    Find out which types of insurance you need to get to make sure you and your business are protected.
  • Marketing Tools - I will teach you the most effective marketing techniques including:
    Door to door advertising
    Flyers (I'll give you one for free when you buy my kit)
    Mailing Lists
    Online Advertising (I'll give you premium advertising in my directory free for a month.)
    and more
  • What Equipment to Buy
    Choosing a Mower, Edger, Trimmer, Blower, Trailer and getting the best equipment while actually saving money

Great Add on Services So you Can Work All Year Long
Aeration (Another BIG Moneymaker), Landscaping (A Bigger Moneymaker) etc.

And much more...


Contracts & Business Forms

Now you can protect yourself legally from non paying customers or from employees that decide to compete against your company. I have put together the contracts and forms to make sure your business is covered. Your clients will have the peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a professional. As part of the start up kit you get:

Lawn Maintenance Contract Agreement

Lawn Maintenance Contract Agreement - This contract is an agreement for weekly, biweekly, and monthly maintenance services for your clients. If you do any type of lawn or landscape service on a on a regular basis, this will keep you protected legally from your clients. This contract is for both residential and commercial use.

This proposal will give your company the professional appearance you need to beat out your competition when you are bidding on commercial lawn care and landscape management jobs. Don't lose any more bids because you "look" small.

One Time Service Contract

One Time Service Contract - This landscape contract was put created for those types of services that you are going to do one time and want to make sure you are legally covered. These services can include things like, landscape installation, lawn installation, tree removal, clean up, sprinkler installation etc. These services don't need an agreement for weekly or monthly service and end when the service has been performed. This contract is for both residential and commercial use.

Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement - This contract is for those looking to hire a new employee to work for your company, or to ensure that you stop employees from competing against your company. This agreement will protect you from having an employee come work for you and then quit to start their own lawn business. You will also be protected from having an employee quit or get fired and then try to steal your clients away from you.


Job Estimating Calculator

"The secret to bidding lawn maintenance and landscaping jobs"

If you're like most people in the lawn care industry, one of your main concerns is bidding or estimating the right price. Too many professionals have under bid and over bid and as a result either lose jobs or lose money.

With the new job estimate calculator from LawnCareDirectory.com, you will be able to bid the exact price that will guarantee that you make the money that you want and provide the lowest possible price for your client.

I designed this program based on the experience of knowing what was important to win jobs. This software is proven to help you bid the right price. The program installs right onto your windows computer and is ready to go.

Whether you are a one man show or have a crew of 20 workers, the landscaping estimate calculator will give you the price to bid to make sure you make the money you want!



Your Own Business Website

As part of the package you'll get a business website. This is a one page business profile page that you will be able to customize and edit whenever you need to. The one page site includes:
~ Introduction to your company
~ Services you offer
~ Contact Information
~ A form for potential clients to get a free estimate

"Only wish I had seen your site weeks ago. I was trying to setup a web site with a big web site company. I still have not got it working. I have spent a lot more than the cost of your service. You had my web site up 3 min after I got the kit. Thanks again, I'm now going to look at my forms and other information I downloaded. "

Dwight F.

*Your website is going to be a subpage of LawnCareDirectory.com. For example, the web address to get to your website will be http://www.lawncaredirectory.com/premiumwebpage.php?id=5000. You get to keep your website as long as you keep your premium business listing.



Premium Ad in the Lawn Care Directory and Membership FREE for 1 month.

LawnCareDirectory.com can help you get more clients. Our site has achieved top rankings in the search engines for phrases like "lawn service " or "landscaping companies" and as a result the site gets more than 20,000 visitors a month. Because the site gets so much traffic, people look to us as an expert to help them find them a quality landscaping or lawn service company.

"Your directory is great! Since I got my listing I have gotten a consistent amount of great leads and new customers directly from your site. I'd just like to say thanks!"

  -Eagle Vision Lawn Care, FL

How do potential clients find your company on Lawn Care Directory? Check out the video to find out:

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"Hey Kris
Things are actually going great so far. I already have between 20 clients lined up and 25 property I'm cutting. All residential except for one. I have also lots of offers coming in for landscaping Jobs especially because of your listing. So i can not Even get to them since it is just me working for the most part."

  -Ben, The Lawn Ranger

For a limited time I am offering as part of the lawn business kit a premium ad in my directory and membership FREE for 1 month. This is a $19 value that you get free. I want to make sure your company succeeds and so I am going to help you get clients. I have landscaping companies that have obtained 40-50 new clients in 2 years from our directory. I am pulling out all the stops to make your company successful.

Your premium listing will include:

~ Your ad will be above the basic listings on your state's page.
~ A link to your website (If you don't have a website, I provide one for you for FREE!)

Here is what your premium listing will look like:

After your order has been placed you will be able to instantly access the start up kit. There you will find a link to submit your ad and website information. Then I'll list your company in our directory. It's that simple. (This alone is a $50 value)

Think about this, all you would need to do is get one client from your listing in the directory and your Lawn Care Business Kit has paid for itself many times over.

"One new client has already paid off what I paid for the kit. You're absolutely right and thank you so much for all the great tips. No one has ever made starting a business so much easier, I really believe you're here to help and i'm so happy I found your site. Even a dummy who doesn't know anything about lawn care can easily start with your kit. Thanks bunches.:)"

~ Olivetta

"With only a premium ad in your directory I was able to get 10 new clients in my first month of business. Thanks again for all your help."

  -Loyal Bros Landscaping, AZ


Dont waste another day without purchasing this all inclusive lawn care business kit. The kit is at the incredible price of just $47. This kit has been sold as high as $89.95. I want everyone to have the chance to get this information. This exclusive pricing won't last forever. Good luck in your new business venture!

Yours for a successful lawn business,

Kris Goodrich - President LawnCareDirectory.com
Kris Goodrich
"Your Business Guru"
Lawn Care Directory

Lawn Care Business Kit - $47

- Tru Cutz Landscaping and Lawn Care, SC

"Kris, I just wanted to tell you this kit is the greatest thing I could I have purchased. We are getting better bids on our jobs, also the referrals have been coming in like crazy thanks to you and customers are finding us on the web. A big thanks to you."

Robert Brown - Cha-Cha's Lawn Care 

"Kris, It is amazing, i have received 65 phone calls since the day i started with you. Thank You so much."

Thomas Anguella

BONUS!! - Order the Lawn Care Business Kit and get the following Bonuses absolutely FREE!

Professional Referral Letter

Professional Referral Letter - You can send this referral letter to all of your clients and watch as they start getting new clients for you! Getting new clients has never been easier.

PROFESSIONAL CUSTOM BUSINESS FLYER - We will design a full color custom flyer for your lawn business with all of your contact information and services you offer. You will be able to print out as many copies of the flyer as you want.

Hurry and place your order today because the success of your business can't wait anymore

Click Here to Order & Start generating Lawn Care Business profits now

This is your business, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it succeed. A $47 investment in your company is minimal compared to the information, forms and software you get in return.

Don't wait another day to take your business to the next level.



Bonus #3 - When you order your lawn care business kit we will give you instant access to all 10 days of our 10 day lawn business course. You won't have to wait another day to start your lawn care business.


Kris Goodrich
"Your Business Guru"


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